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Handyman Warsaw

If you struggle with home maintenance and repairs around the house in Warsaw you cannot miss out on Duer! The leakage in your toilet or kitchen, furniture assembly, damaged household goods or a room to paint – our English speaking pros will help you out with all the issues. Just post your job on duer.pl/handyman and let us handle the rest!


English Speaking Professionals For Home Maintenance in Warsaw

Finding a qualified and verified professional for a quick repair or a bigger renovation in a foreign city can be a challenge – without helpful local connections or ability to speak domestic language it is tough to use home maintenance services.

There is a reason to that. Firstly, in home maintenance it is vital to be able to communicate the details of the job and the expected outcome clearly before the job starts, otherwise the final result can be a huge disappointment. Therefore an ability to make contact with the customer is essential in the process. Duer guarantees that the communication between the customer and the pro is comprehensible.

Secondly, English, as an universal language, is not commonly spoken by professionals in Warsaw. Although it’s the biggest city in Poland, there aren’t many handymen, plumbers or electricians speaking English. At Duer we gather best professionals in Warsaw who provide home maintenance and improvement services while speaking English or being an English native speakers.

All it takes for you to get Duer’s help is to fill out a short form on our website!

People We Have Helped – Our Case Studies

Our pros have already helped a lot of expats, students and international inhabitans of Warsaw.

Our English speaking plumbers have helped with water leakage from the toilet pipes, with damaged toilet bowl that needed replacement or the reinstallation of washing machine to another room.

Duer’s electrician have helped people in Warsaw with little repairs like replacing a few light bulbs and installing new sockets in the house and also with bigger jobs like rewiring from aluminium to copper electrical wiring in the whole flat.

Handymen are professionals who help with a variety of jobs around the house. Duer has helped people in Warsaw with such jobs as assembling shelves, cupboards and bigger storage spaces; with attaching curtain rails to the wall or opening doors that were stucked because of the damaged lock that needed replacement.

Hesitate no more – Duer is the one and only professional services provider for English language speakers in Warsaw. All our pros are verified and highly qualified which ensures that our customers are provided with the best quality possible. That’s why we would like to invite all foreigner – expats, student and other internationals living in Warsaw to visit the website in case of any home maintenance issue, fill in their job details and let us handle the rest!